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We are Rebel Mettle Brewery. An alliance of patriots, brewers and instigators who served and will continue to serve. America exists because our founding fathers envisioned a more free and just society, planting the seed of rebellion in taverns and alehouses, and then built it for us. Our brewery will be built on the same values: justice, freedom, equality and opportunity. We brew each beer to liberate the rebellious spirit ingrained in every American.
Fortune favors the daring. Those who make their own luck. We are the doers and we exercise our American freedoms to push outside the lines and against the status quo.

Historic W. 4th Street

Storied W. 4th Street is a vibrant, walkable district in downtown Cincinnati where history comes alive. The bustling heart of downtown shopping in the early 1900s, it is once again becoming a destination for urban living. Our building offers over 17,000 square feet of industrial floor space, which is being revived to house the brewery and tap room.